Tandem Paragliding Flight

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport. (If you're not into the idea of pursuing the sport, they're still an awesome bucket-list item -- similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight, and you can be in control!) Beginner and intermediate pilots also find an occasional tandem flight super-useful to brush up on skills, maneuvers and thermaling techniques.
Morning Tandem Flight $125
     Typically meet between 6-9am. 15-20 Mins or 2 sled rides
Evening Tandem Flight $150
     Typically meet between 5-8pm. 20-25 Mins
Video Package $30
     We use GoPros to capture your pre/post flights reactions as well as get Pictures and Video of your flight experience.  After your flight we provide you with the SD Card with all the footage. 
Cloud 9 T-Shirt $15
     We have custom C9 Shirts available as another way to remember your free flight experience.  Made from high quality combed cotton (the soft kind). Sizes run slightly small
  Mens Crew Cut
       Sizes; S, M, L, XL
       Colors; Light Blue, Midnight Navy, Red
  Womens V Neck
       Sizes S, M, L
       Colors; Light Blue, Navy, Red
  Kids Crew Cut
       Sizes; S, M, L
       Colors; Light Blue

We fly 7 days a week weather dependent.
Step 1 (Reservation)
Call or stop by Cloud 9 Paragliding Monday–Saturday 10am-4pm. The shop number is 801-576-6460 to schedule your flight. Most mornings we have about 10 tandem spaces available and 6 in the evenings.  When you call or stop by to make your reservation, please have any coupon or gift certificate information with you. We will
ask for the date you would like to fly, how much you weigh, a phone number and email address to send confirmation. 24 hours cancelation required or additional fees apply.
     We will NOT meet for your appointment at the shop, but our address is 12665 S. Minuteman Dr. #1 (East side I-15 Frontage road in
     Draper) if you want to stop by and check out the shop, book your reservation in person, buy a t-shirt, shop for kites, or meet
     the instructors.

Step 2 (Check in)
We will then ask you to call during shop hours the day prior for morning flight and the day of for evening flights for your reservation to “check in” for weather and confirm a meeting time with your Instructor.  The shop is closed Sundays, so for Monday reservations, please check in on Saturday. If we have not heard from you by 3pm, we will attempt to contact you at the number you gave us. If no contact is made we have to assume you will not be showing up for your tandem. If for any reason you cannot call the day prior just let us know and we can make arrangements. Most days are flyable at the Point, but we usually know at the check in time if it is a NO GO kind of
day (rain, excessive wind, or a frontal passage that causes the wind to blow the wrong direction). Some days will be “IFFY”, and when you call to check in we can either reschedule or have you recheck with us via cell number or text closer to your flight appointment. We love to fly, but safety is number one goal and if it is not good to fly, we will let Mother Nature have her way and re-schedule your flight. On occasions, when you arrive for your flight, conditions may change for the worse forcing a last second cancellation. Please be understanding, we do everything in our power to fly if conditions allow.
Step 3 (Have Fun)
What to know about your flight before you arrive at the hill.
For any paragliding Tandem flight, dress for the weather. It’s often chilly in the mornings as we are in the absolutely
windiest spot in the state of Utah (that’s why it’s so good!). We suggest wearing layers, so if it warms up, you can be
comfortable. You are never more than a short distance from your car to shed layers. Drinks, snacks, cameras, friends, cheerleaders, folding chairs, picnic blankets or even a bucket of chicken are fun to have at the Point. Both the North and South Sides are parks. We encourage kids, pets on leashes, a frisbee, what ever. There are restrooms on top of both the North side and South side parks. Please wear closed toe shoes, and if you have hiking boots or anything with added ankle support that is ideal as we will be running a few steps together on our launch and our landings. Make sure you have your voucher or gift certificate with you and PLEASE PLEASE
print off directions. Each year many people end at our shop or at the wrong flight park. (remember Mornings on South Side,
Evenings on North Side.) If you show up and no one is at the park, you may be at the wrong side. Many of our instructors live in the homes on the North Side and can be just gathering some gear or taking a short test flight. If all else fails is 801-910-1109 is the emergency cell phone number.Please wear long pants and consider long sleeve shirts. Helmets for all activities are required. We always provide helmets, but if you have your own that you feel comfortable in you are welcome to bring your own. Ski, full face mountain bike, or climbing helmets are ideal. Also don’t forget sun glasses and thin gloves are ideal, even in the summer as it’s not
uncommon when learning to trip and fall down and scrapes on hands and knees happen.
We meet at the hill NOT the shop.  Please triple check you are going to the right Flight Park.
Morning Tandem Flights - South Side Flight Park
Evening Tandel Flights - North Side Flight Park
Watch the video!
Tandem Paragliding Flight with Miss Utah
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