“This book is an international curated collection of voices, experiences, perspectives, and approaches to life and the sport that we all love. It is the undeniable power of the lead gaggle, the world’s lead gaggle with the best pilots in the world sharing their knowledge. And it is not just about techniques. As a great martial artist once said, ‘only amateurs think that techniques are enough.’  This book is also about the philosophy of adventure, the value of accepting risk and managing it, and the importance of training the mind as well as the body. It is about the flying life.” – Bill Belcourt

We’re excited to announce the publication of Advanced Paragliding in April 2021.

Written by Gavin McClurg and packed with insight from the very best, Advanced Paragliding is aimed at all intermediate pilots up, to help them build on their foundations and progress. There’s a big focus on aerology, meteorology, psychology, safety and attitude.

Advanced Paragliding draws on over ten years’ of in-depth interviewing with over 100 of the world’s best pilots. It will be available first in English, with translations scheduled in German and French.

With Gavin’s incredible popularity among a listener base of 30,000+ pilots, this book is set to be a massive worldwide success.


Adel Honti, Alex Robé, Armin Harich, Bruce Goldsmith, Chrigel Maurer, Cody Mittanck, Dustin Martin, Honza Rejmanek, Jeff Shapiro, Jocky Sanderson, Kelly Farina, Maxime Bellemin, Nick Neynens, Pál Takáts, Rafael Saldini, Russ Ogden, Thomas Theurillat and Will Gadd


  • How to Thermal Better
  • How to Glide Better
  • How to Navigate ‘Intermediate Syndrome’
  • When to Step Up – and When to Step Down
  • How to Tweak Your Mental Game
  • How to Avoid Accidents
  • How to Kill Complacency
  • How to Throw Your Reserve
  • When and how to approach SIV training
  • How to Fly Competitions
  • How to Fly Big XCs – learning to fly faster
  • How to Recover from Frightening Experiences
  • Threat and Error Management: what we can learn from other aviation disciplines

Advanced Paragliding also includes pilot self-assessment and gives guidance on personal progression, using mentoring techniques. In terms of skills development, Advanced Paragliding sits at the top of the stack of Cross Country’s existing range of books, which includes Paragliding: the Beginner’s Guide, Fifty Ways to Fly Better, and Mastering Paragliding.

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