Get started in the awesome sport of paragliding with an introductory lesson.

About Our Intro Paragliding Lessons

Cloud 9's intro paragliding lesson is a morning course. We cover a range of topics: ground school basics, how to launch and land a paraglider and the rules of the air. The highlight of the lesson is some actual flying: several low-altitude flights off the bottom of the training hill to put into practice the launching and landing skills we've talked about on the ground.

This intro course is great for anyone who's wondering if paragliding is for them, or someone who just wants to try something new and exciting. The cost of this lesson is applied towards your certification course, should you choose to advance in the sport. Which you, y'know, will. It'd be hard not to after you've had your first taste.

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Please note: This is a deposit for the lesson only. Once you have paid your deposit, you must schedule directly with a member of our team. Lessons tend to fill up anywhere from 1 week to 3 months in advance, so please plan ahead as much as possible, but sometimes we have last minute openings. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us! You can call, email, text, or stop by our store to schedule.

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intro lesson

Lissa Wanserski on 31st Mar 2020

Had the time of my life & got hooked on the sport. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. Highly recommend Cloud 9.

Very satisfying introductory experience in handling a paraglider

Linda Bush on 10th Jun 2019

I did a 1-day introduction to paragliding, after having done a tandem flight in Switzerland. Cloud 9 owner Steve Mayer spent 3 hours showing me how to set up the glider, get in the air, steer it, and land, along with safety instructions and discussion about equipment and further training. I think I did 7 very short "flights" (<1 minute), Steve's instruction was really clear and he was super encouraging. I felt safe. The session totally met my goals, which were to determine: (1) whether I have the physical strength (as a pretty small woman) to handle a paraglider on my own; (2) whether I'd find the sport too scary to take up; and (3) whether to enroll in a full certification course. I signed up to come back for Cloud 9's certification express course in the fall.