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We all get ourselves into trouble sometimes, so it’s nice to know that every time you have a tear you don’t need a completely new wing. We offer repair or replacement for any part of your rig. We have hourly rates for harness and glider wing repair. Of course the best way to avoid some wear is to use our annual inspection. This will keep you safe next time you’re in the air. You can also have us inspect and repack your rogallo or round reserve parachute if you want that extra set of expert eyes to check it out.

We also offer user-replaceable repair, such as replacement line in a variety of colors. If you’re in the field and can’t take advantage of our repair services, you can make temporary repairs with our colored rip-stop tape or a clear sheet of tape that can be cut to your needs. While we don’t recommend it for long-term repair, you can use it on-the-go for short-term.

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