From the team that brought you ‘Paragliding: Learning to Fly’, arguably the best tuitional flying DVD for new pilots currently available, comes an in-depth and up-to-date study of the black art of ground handling. 

Why bother messing around on the ground when all you want to do is fly? Well, unfortunately poor ground handling skills account for a high percentage of the accidents we see today. 

Mastering your wing on the ground gives you the confidence to handle yourself on tricky take offs in difficult conditions. The result is you’ll be a safer pilot who’ll fly more often that those who struggle to control their wings on the deck.

This DVD not only breaks down each exact aspect of launching and ground handling it also incorporates a series of exercises to hone you skills.

Ground Handling uses the same 3D animations that make ‘Paragliding: Learning to Fly’ such a fantastic learning tool. Between the two DVD’s you have possibly the most comprehensive learning tool available to the new pilot today.

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