Reserve Repack

  • Round $50
  • Square $75
  • Rogallo $100

PLEASE NOTE: According to our insurance, we are unable to repack any reserve over 10 years old.

How it Works

Download and print the repair form above, fill it out completely and include it with your shipment. You can use any carrier to send it to the address on the form. So long as the repair form is in the box, there's no need to call in advance, just send it our way! Once your gear arrives, we will send an email to the address listed on the form with arrival confirmation and an updated wait time. Once our repair techs get to your gear, they will look over the whole thing for damage and put together an estimate. If you have marked 'Call with Quote', they will do so and get your approval before completing any work(note the repair cost does not include return shipping charges). If you decide it's too expensive, we will ship it back to you with no repair charge(you will only need to pay for return shipping). If you approve it, we will finish it usually the same day or the next day. If you marked to 'just fix it', we will get to work right away without notifying you of the exact cost.

Once the work is completed, we will put together a return shipping invoice and give you a call or send you an email with your final total. You can pay over the phone via credit card, Venmo @Cloud9Paragliding, or PayPal direct to info@paragliders.com. Once payment is received we will ship your gear right out. You can also pick up your gear at our store during business hours.

Shipping Tips

Pack your wing as small as possible(without damaging the leading edge reinforcements!) and put it in a bag for extra protection. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. are usually a waste of valuable space in the box. Shipping is expensive, so we recommend shipping in as small a box as your wing can comfortably fit. We don't put insurance on return shipping unless specifically requested on the repair form.

Wait Time

Our typical wait time is about 2 weeks from arrival date, but times can vary from less than a week to over a month. Feel free to call, text, or email us for an updated wait time, but note that it is just an estimate and may not be accurate. Repairs are completed on a first come, first serve basis. Unfortunately we do not offer rush service at this time, so please plan in advance as much as possible. We must have your gear here at the shop to be on our wait list. We appreciate your patience and support!

We get almost a dozen update inquiries a day, so we wanted to make things a little more convenient for our customers. If you have gear in our queue, you may now check the status using this spreadsheet. You will need your unique customer number(for customer privacy) which we will email to you when your gear arrives. Feel free to check what number you are in our queue at any time!


What this purchase includes:

-One round repack (double check to make sure it is less than 10 years old)

-Return shipping from us to you

-This does not include shipping from you to Cloud 9 Repairs. Please mail us your reserve so we may repack it.

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