Performance Flying DVD

with Jocky Sanderson

Directed by Jocky Sanderson and created in cooperation with Ozone Team Pilots, Performance Flying covers the most crucial aspects of Acro, SIV, and XC flying.

When it comes to making paragliding films, Jocky Sanderson doesn't pull any punches. His slick production skills were first evidenced in his earlier films, Security in Flight and Speed to Fly.

Jocky's latest film, produced with Ozone's test team, hones in on the finer piloting skills of flying XC, Acro and SIV.

Indeed Performance Flying is set to redefine what's possible in free flight cinematography. A high speed laboratory camera, under the expert control of cinematographer Niels Dachler, has been employed to capture what are now the clearest slow motion sequences of paragliding manouvres in existence.

On-board and air-to-air POV cameras get you right in close during loops, SATs, Helicopters and all the popular Acro manouvres, plus the SIV essentials like Spin Recovery, symmetric tucks, twists and stalls.

Jocky is one of the world's most celebrated advanced instructors. In Performance Flying's XC section, the experienced competition pilot/ team leader will help you improve your thermalling, scratching, transitions and use of speed bar and help you understand more about inversions, the second climb, what to do at base, flatland techniques and lots more.

Thrilling, exciting, educational, but best of all an entertaining DVD.

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