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The development of the TRINITY RS acro-glider has demonstrated the full potential of RAST: The air stays in the glider longer on dynamic manoeuvres. This makes the transitions more fluid, more dynamic and much easier to fly. New combinations are available to the pilot as a result of the high internal pressure, because a centred helicopter can be flown from almost any position without having to start it first through a stall. The risk of line-overs, twists and front rosettes is also significantly reduced because of the special construction method used for the Trinity RS.

Thanks to RAST, the Trinity RS reacts to pilot input without delay and with surprisingly little control travel, but without the pilot being at risk of an unintentional stall. In doing so, the buffer section reliably assumes the damping when exiting from dynamic manoeuvres and problems, and this has opened another door: EN-certification as a Freestyler with normal loading and as a classy acro-competition glider with high wing-loading!

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