SOL FLEXUS Paramotor Wing

The FLEXUS was projected and built with the reflex technology, seeking the best levels of safety, speed, performance and and easy handling on it's category, the gliders is a combination of speed and high performance for pilots desiring a simple flight or even longer ones like cross country.

Piloting and your flight behavior

For exclusive use in the paramotor, the Flexus is a glider that satisfies most of the pilots of motorized flight. Beginners (post-learning) even the experienced will have an easy equipment with safety, easy operation features and excellent performance.


Available in 6 sizes to meet  the needs of paramotor pilots a lot better.


The canopy FLEXUS development team had an extra attention and received several suggestions from the SOL resellers around the world:

• Risers - new design for easy use of the trimmer, accelerator and brakes.

• Takeoff - easy inflagem within little space.

• Landing - The effect of delay makes the moment of landing easy.

• Closing - The reflex technology is diminishing the possibility of closings.

• Speed - Increase of speed because of the reflex technology.

Construction Characteristics

The Flexus presents:


• 42 cells, 8 being closed;

• Diagonal bands (A, B, C and D) in all the cells;

• Mini-Ribs;

• Flexible battens (BT technology);

• System of direct connection of the brake lines;

• PBP - Pressure Booster Profile: New profile design who maintains form and pressure. This increases the performance in all velocities;

• Trimmers for acceleration;

• Big Ear risers.


The materials used were carefully chosen, which guarantees a great durability and high level of safety.

Technical Data   

2D View



Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level.  


All of the SOL paragliders are manufactured in our own factory, certified as Aeronautical Industry by DHV.


• Top/Bottom: WTX 40 gr/m2 Nylon 6.6 HT PU+Silicone

• Profiles: Pro-Nyl 42gr/m2  High Tenacity Nylon Rip-Stop hard finish

• Reinforcements:  2,5 mm Nylontab (Profile front)

• Lines:  1,0/1,1 mm, 1,5 mm,  2,1 mm, 2,5 mm Cousin Technora Superaram

• Risers: Premium 19 x 2,0 mm Flat Multi 1600kg

• Carabiners: Ansung Precision 4mm 800kg

• Pulleys: Nautos/SOL



Delivered with:

  • Backpack;
  • Internal protection bag;
  • Compression Strap;
  • Risers' protection sack
  • Windsock M;
  • Manual;
  • Basic repair kit;
  • Cap;


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SOL Flexus Paramotor Wing


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