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Snow Kiting

If you are a fan of Kitesurfing, you are bound to be a fan of Snow Kiting. Snow Kiting is a winter sport where you get to try your hand in wind powered snowboarding or skiing. Perfect for areas with extreme winters and ideal for people who love a good adventure. These kites are designed to be powerful, fast, and consistent. The lightweight nature of these kites allow you to ride freely a top snow, ice, and sometimes the air. This sport requires precise flying, smooth moves and a need for an adrenalin rush from every adventurer. Adventure Toy Store wants to make your experience the best it can be so we’ve compiled all the Snow Kiting equipment you could ever need. From masks, gloves and poles, to top of the line Snow Kiting boards, kites and training kits, this equipment will help you test the boundaries of distance, freestyle, big air and speed.

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