Designed & Engineered in Germany

We have been passionately developing bikes in Germany since 1995 and can draw upon almost 100 years of experience from our parent company WinoraGroup.

Adventure Toy Store is proud to be Utah's premier dealer for this exclusive line of eBikes.  We have been working with Haibike since they first came to the USA in 2013.  Haibike's line of high performance ebikes are second to none.  Period.  There are so many brands out there, but Haibike raises to the top in every category when it comes to off road performance. 

Adventure Toy Store's owner, Steve, is a former Cat 1 road racer and avid mountain biker, riding nearly every day.  Why an ebike?  Simple... FURTHER FASTER FUNNER.  Yip, that ride you do every day is now transformed into something you have to experience to describe.  Imagine breaking going uphill, reaching far off trails you only dreamed of.  Racing yourself using one of 4 different power levels, riding easy on a rest day but tackling a challenging trail.   The list goes on and on.  When Steve came down with Asthma in 2015, he didn't miss a beat, he just used a bit more power.. when his brother blew out his ACL motorcycling, Gregg used his eBike for rehab.  Get on one and give it a try!

Why Haibike?  They are the best.  We have learned the lower dollar bikes are junk.. they just don't last.  Maybe a year or two or three then that's it, toss it out.  Many brands have NO support at all, when a battery goes, a controller overheats, or an LCD display goes bad, without support you left with nothing.  Haibike and the company surrounding it are second to none.  They support what they sell.   There are MANY MANY bikes in the line.  Please check out www.Haibike.com and then make arrangements to visit with Steve or the rest of our staff and find the bike that is right for you at a price no one can match. info@AdventureToyStore.com or call us at 801-576-6460 or visit our retail shop in Draper, Utah. 

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