The Comfort Low Point is our new harness for exclusive Paramotor use. The seat is built for a low point suspension and swing arms. 

The harness was developed to offer comfort on long flights and a dynamic handling. Pilots who want to move from free flight to paramotor flight will it find easy to adapt.  

It is definitely a seat that offers good and easy movement and handling, this is important for the use within Slalom or Freestyle. TheComfort Low Point harness exists in one size only but a zipper makes it possible to adapt the seat to the pilots height, without loosing the safety and operation skills.

Surely, the identity of this harness is the comfort "indoor package", especially on the shoulder straps, the back protection and the seat. Two side pockets and a storage for bagage under the seat came at handy. Also it is prepared for lateral reserve containers on both sides and one at the front. Neither of them are preventing the full use of the pockets. The decision for the side of instalation is up to the pilot, cause we know that is a very individual decision.

One Size 


  • Compact
  • Size adjustment
  • "Balance system", that helps on starting and landing
  • Length change of the seat for more comfort and mobility
  • Pulley for the accelarator
  • Anatomic and cushioned shoulder cut and seat back
  • Chest lock with whistle
  • Straps for fixing objects
  • Prepared for lateral reserve containers with zipper
  • Two side pockets
  • Seat angle adjustment
  • T-Lock
  • Automatic leight weight locks
  • Elastic setter for accelerator
  • Passage for the reserve bridles
  • Storage under the seat
  • Bilateral pockets for mirror
  • Back seat cushion, removable with velcro





Chassis compatibility


Swing Arms


Pilot suspension

  Note: The carabiner strap and carabiner are illustrative and do not accompany the Harness Paramotor.

Chassis suspension






One Size

Seat width 40 cm
Seat length 42 cm
Weight 3,850 kg

Weight x Height

This is just a reference table. It can not be used as exclusive resource for size decision.
Consult your dealer.


Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level. All SOL Harnesses are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV

- Nylon Alta Tenacidade
- Rip Stop 
- ISR-KS Dural Leg Buckle
- ISR-KS Dural V Buckle
- Nautos/Holt 
- Premium: Poliester
de Alta Tenacidade
  1200/1600 kgf 
- Neoprene BR
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