This harness combines the best of three earlier, by the same manufacturer produced, models. This harness was developed to serve some clients in a very special way.

We gathered all wishes from our clients and then we took all that was necessary and already worked fine on the other models to create a basis for new final product.

Our goal was to create more comfort, without more weight. We took all the useful, new and good stuff from the ever-developing market and combined it with our new model.

One Size


  • A fixing point for instruments or another tank, localized on the ventral strip;
  • Adjustment for the seat, to make it easier for the pilot during starts an bold flight maneuvers. This adjustment controls the height of the seat in relation to the mounting point of the chassis;
  • An innovative acceleration system which offers a perfect seat position during flight;
  • A strip for improved weight distribution, which makes the movements easier and increases the endurance of the pilot, who has the motor in the back;
  • Separate anchorage points for the leg strips. They improve the sitting position and the freedom of action on the ground, running during start and landing;
  • Innovative and modern position for the fixing points of the leg strips. This helps during starts, landings and ground control of the engine;
  • An extra bag, bigger and removable, which can also be replaced with an extra container for a rescue parachute;
  • Fortified chest buckle with integrated emergency whistle;
  • Chest strips are made of an excellent upholster material and have an anatomic cut for comfort and a modern design;
  • Security system for mounting the canopy and the harness of the paramotor;
  • Baggage pack under the seat;
  • Height adjustment for the seat, which allows o perfect interaction for anchorage of the shoulder strips, anchorage point of the seat and the mounting points of the chassis;
  • Adjustment for the lumbar vertebra on the front side, this protects against the contact with the chassis;
  • Back protection with anti-vibration and anti-tingling sensation;
  • Anchorage points for the shoulder strips between 16 cm and 23 cm.



Chassis compatibility


Swing Arms

Pilot suspension


Chassis suspension







Seat width 46 cm
Seat length 42 cm
Weight 3,850 kg

Weight x Height

This is just a reference table. It can not be used as exclusive resource for size decision.
Consult your dealer.


Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level. All SOL Harnesses are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV.  

- Nylon High Tenacity
  Rip Stop 
- ISR-KS Dural Leg Buckle
- ISR-KS Dural V Buckle
- Nautos/Holt 
- Premium: Polyester
  High Tenacity
  1200/1600 kgf 
- Neoprene BR
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