Great small windsock from Ozone. Assorted colors on a swivel so just tie it onto a pole and let her guide you

Ready to just tie on and let her fly. Available in Small, Large or XL sizes from Paragliders.com. 


Small 70cm X 18cm

Large 120cm X 32cm

XL  200cm S X 40cm

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Large Ozone Wind Sock

Bobbie Lucas on 24th Aug 2021

This is the 2nd purchase of the blue Ozone Wind Sock. The first one lasted 2.5 summer seasons. We are on Lake Champlain and get plenty of wind and sun. We only keep it up while our dock is in the water approximately Late May to September. The color faded fairly quickly and by the end of its life…. It was just shredded!! We enjoy it so much that we had to get another one. I was hoping to get the yellow but it’s apparently discontinued. We are KiteSurfers and use Ozone Kites, so it’s fun to fly it on our dock!