The Ozone Suacisse Lite Bag is almost a necessity witht the design of new wings.  This folding bag will help you keep your leading edge in perfect condition.  It make folding gliders a breeze and is design to keep those leading edge devices from deforming.  This lite design is great for saving space and weight for your XC, Hike and Fly or just plan old paragliding adventures.

This is the standard style and is available in two sizes.  Standard for solo gliders and XL for tandems.


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Ozone Saucisse Lite Bag (Concertina)

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Ozone Saucisse Lite Bag review

Ilia Timonin on 20th Jul 2020

I bought Ozone Saucisse Lite Bag Concertina (small size) for my Ozone Ultralite 4 size 21 wing. The concertina is very lightweight. The wing fits pretty good (I have to fold the trailing edge a little to fit the wing). The concertina has straps with buckles instead of zipper, zipper is easier to use (I have another different Ozone concertina with zipper), but this is the way to reduce the weight and buckles work OK.