RPM is our Cross Country full reflex wing. Extremely efficient and stable, especially at extreme configurations. RPM is Flow’s revolutionary new intermediate|Advanced ppg wing.

RPM is a purebred XC paramotor wing with a design focus on 3 key aspects:

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • efficiency

Those 3 key design aspects work in harmony side by side.

A glider made to cover big kms in the fastest and most efficient way. Offering an extremely comfortable experience and safety assurance due to the stability of our “full reflex efficient profile”.

RPM is extremely efficient and it can flown 2 to 3m2 smaller than your traditional ppg glider.

RPM offers remarkable pitch stability and efficiency due to our “efficient full reflex” profile and low-drag line plan. The new airfoil represents the forefront in paramotor glider design as it brings benchmark fuel efficiency, stability and speed, only to be found in modern paramotor wings.

We say “efficient” considering the fact that full reflex airfoils traditionally used in ppg wing designs are not efficient airfoils by any means. However, we have managed to combine some of the key elements of our high-end free-flying gliders and technology into our full reflex paramotor profile, making it extremely efficient and stable.

The result is in an incredibly efficient airfoil with the same outstanding levels of pitch stability found on full reflex gliders.

RPM’s airfoil not only gives increased levels of safety and stability also increased efficiency at extremely high AoA when flying at speed.
In real-life tests, the RPM has shown unprecedented efficiency levels (fuel consumption) at low and top-end speeds when compared to traditional non-reflex wings and full-reflex wings.

It delivers an easy inflation phase with a constant and even feel through the lines and risers, giving that reassuring tension needed for a perfect launch every time, especially in nil wind days.

RPM’s energy retention is so brilliant that landings in nil wind are easy and uneventful, even when flown on the smaller sizes.

The combination of 60 cells and an AR of 5.8 gives the RPM a very efficient platform making it the perfect cross country glider. Its compact and playful feel also makes this glider extremely fun to fly and big sweeping turns, wingovers and light acro manoeuvres can easily be performed on the RPM.

A glider where the intermediate|advanced ppg pilot will feel at home on the very first flight.

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