Cloud 9 Paragliding sample P2 training  syllabus

Every day the weather is different, wind speeds vary, everyone learns at a different pace and crowed at the Point are often limiting to what we can accomplish day by day. This is just a sample to keep you thinking on trace and on pace with what we are after. Most important is GET YOUR GROUND SCHOOL DONE, this allows you to fly more advanced conditions and have a complete picture of how and why we fly.

Ground school (video’s and through P2 test) really need to be complete before we will do soaring flights or any high flights on the North Side or Mountain outing.\

Lesson 1: Intro lesson – Covers basic hook in, forward launches, short ground skimming flights at bottom of the Training hill. Work on Landing’s. Instructor assist with many aspects of set up and launch.

Lesson 2: Most at bottom of the hill, working on doing what we did day 1, but on your own, setting up wing, launching, perfecting landings, possible introduction to reverse launch, possible introduction to Kiting.

Lesson 3: Some still at bottom repeating day 2, others first day off top. Work on getting into seat, first radio controlled flights off top, more kiting work, by now should have seen some video’s and take P1 test and review it at the shop. Go over the test on your own, don’t guess at answers, if you know them, great, if not, leave blank and we will go over it in ground school. Possible tandem flight on N. Side in evening

Lesson 4: Work on getting off the radio for flights, (make decisions on your own), intro to traffic, intro to even break pressure, work on weight shift, start shooting for spot landings in landing zone. More ground school, complete video’s, weather talk and can begin work on P2 test. Kiting and possible tandem flight in evening or ground handle on N. side in evening. Understand Active Flying and what this means! Good time to start looking at gear, most start with a harness first. Talk to the gang at Cloud 9 about what is right for your flying style and budget. Many gliders have up to a month delivery time so plan ahead .

Lesson 5: Perfect break pressure, rear riser turns, no hands flying drills, work on spot landings, LAPS LAPS LAPS. Able to kite and launch / fly / land on your own. Complete all ground school prior to going any further with the possible exception to reserve talk / simulator which can wait. Talk about gear and goals. Should have a basic understanding of weather conditions and how to forecast wind at the Point.

Day 6: Complete most drills and skills on the Yellow Sheet. Ground school done, ready to soar if interested and conditions and traffic all ok. Talk about top landings, traffic, thermals and how to avoid for now, able to assess weather, site conditions. Finish any other blanks on yellow sheet, should have close to 35 flights (remember all flights count, one’s at bottom, top landings, tandems) LOG EVERYTHING.

Day 7: Most will have basic P2 requirements. At this point, we can work on high wind work, soaring, top landings, North Side soaring. Those with there own harness and reserve and speed bar and get introduction to benching up on North Side, and fly in generally stronger conditions. Have a good plan for your future flying, take advantage of Cloud 9’s staff and keep flying when we are around even after signed off for the first dozen or so sessions.

P2 and Beyond:  Most start thinking about gear somewhere in the middle of lessons.  We hope you decide to continue to fly (most do and purchase flying machines).    Normally students start with a harness.  Get one as soon as your "all in".  Your harness is like your shoes, it's got to fit right!   Your flying will improve when your using the same one set the same each time.   We stock most of what any pilot needs.   Also a good time to talk wings.  For those students planning on flying well past obtaining there P2 (most of you), we need to get you set up for some evening flying as well.   This is more advanced and often we want you to have your P2 and a harness/reserve/speed bar to fly the more demanding N. Side.  This is part of your lesson package for those making the commitment (or already have) there own gear.  Please talk to us about this as your formal training draws to a close.  

Remember, once you are signed off, there is still a lot to learn! It is an important step to be “on your own” for a bit, with us there at the hill to answer questions, get rides up the hill and yell at you if you are doing things you shouldn’t be and praise you for your accomplishments. Many feel it is a step backward for them to be on your own, expect this, there will be setbacks, but that is part of the learning. When the time is right (50 to 100 flights for most), come to us, ask about mountain flying, ask about what is next, ask how your active flying is coming along. Most pilots take 7-10 lessons to complete the program based on weather, wind conditions, your learning, crowds at the Point. We are here for you, let us know what we can do to help you learn.

Cloud 9 Team – Steve, Michelle, Che, Gary, Alex, Brian, Sarah, and the gang.