Swing Arcus RS Lite     $4500

The ARCUS RS Lite is the weight-optimised version of the popular Arcus RS.


With a combination of 32 and 27g fabrics, and a weight-saving design for the interior, it is aimed at bivvy pilots, safety-conscious hike & fly and XC pilots, as well as globe-trotters who are looking for a versatile glider which is lightweight and has a small pack volume.

The ARCUS RS Lite is up to 1.100g lighter and, by using the RAST system, it loses none of its reactiveness and accuracy, but retains its stability and performance which would otherwise only be achieved by many cells.

Combined with the Connect Reverse 2 convertible harness and the Escape rescue device, you have all the equipment needed for everyday use with an overall weight starting from less than 9kg (ARCUS RS Lite XS in combination with Connect Reverse 2 M and Escape M) , which does not place any particular demands on pilots.

Discover the unparalleled lightness of flying with the ARCUS RS Lite!

The name ARCUS generates high expectations. It is linked inseparably with SWING and stands for a revolutionary paraglider design, which has given many thousands of paraglider pilots a safe and easy introduction into our captivating sport over a period of nearly 20 years.

These features are all an invitation to experimentation and further development. Be inspired by a test flight on the ARCUS RS and experience the new RAST feeling!  The optional Dyneema risers make your Arcus RS Lite now even lighter!

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