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speed-flying-1.pngspeed-flying-cta1.pngspeed-flying-cta2.pngIf you are a thrill seeking adventurer who loves speed and excitement, then Speed Flying will be perfect for your next adventure. It all begins with just a short sprint off the side of a mountain and once that wing catches flight you will be on the glide of your life. Enjoy the feeling of pure adrenaline over and over again with helicopters that are ready to take you to the top of the mountain, run after run! If thrill seeking is your thing, then you will be happy to know that we have a variety of wings that fit any adventures style. Whether you want to go fast, or really fast, Adventure Toy Store wants to make your high last. So, start your adventure today with a new set of Speed Flying wings, gear or an adventure pack.  Feeling the wind beneath your wings as you fly through the mountains is a feeling you won’t soon forget.


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