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Whether you’re into competitions or just want to get out there a bit further, we’ve got the paramotor wing for you. Paramotoring, also known as powered paragliding, is a sport where a motor and propeller are used to assist a paraglider in getting to where he or she want to be more quickly. Get ahead of the pack and see things that no one else will!

We don’t sell the motors themselves; we do sell the wings that are specifically designed for paramotoring. These wings are custom-designed to deal with the speed and additional stresses put on a wing by paramotoring, as well as giving better control when you reach those speeds.

Speaking of speed, when you get good enough, why not try paramotor racing? We’ve got the wing for that too. We also sell a number of items that every paramotorer will want to have have on every occasion, like reserve parachutes and GPS variometers.

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