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Imagine being strapped into a kite, flying above the world, no cares, no worries, just sky. That is the essence of recreational paragliding. But, if that’s not quite your speed, no need to worry. With the right set of paragliding equipment you will feel the wind in your hair at speeds you couldn’t even imagine. With one of these brilliantly constructed kites, you can go anywhere, and Adventure Toy Store wants to help you get up into the sky. From beginner paragliders, to avid adventurists seeking their certification, we’ve got classes specially designed to get you the thrill you’ve been looking for. For a sport like paragliding that comes with a jolt of adrenaline, lessons and top of the line protection equipment are a must. With high quality helmets, harnesses, wings and clothing, you will be able to feel safe while getting the rush you crave. Protect yourself today, so tomorrow you can have the adventure of your life.



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