Paraglider Annual Inspection


Repair Form

Please Print and fill our form.  Include with your shipment


If you are wondering how much life your glider has left and are in need of an inspection to see overall safety of your glider.  We have the space and the tools to put your wing to the test.

Annuals includes inspection of Glider condition,  Attachment points, Seams, Internal and Exteranl Conditon, Porosity Test, Wing Clean Out, Line Condition, Line Break Test, Trim Tolerance, Stitching, ETC.

2 Line replacements are include in the inspection.  One of which is for the breakage test.  

Small pin holes and small tears will be patched with rip stop tape.  Anything bigger out techs will call you and give you options at that point.  

What you need to do

Send us your gear

Repair notes.  Put a note in with your gear.  Let us know what the issue is(Annual, Repair, Etc).  Get us all of your info;  name, address, phone #, email, and if you wish to have RUSH service.(Turn around time for rush is 24-48 hours)

When your Gear Arrives:

It will be put into the line up if standard repair service or pulled out and looked at right away if you wish to have RUSH Service.  For annual inspection our repair techs will call you after they complete the work.  They will double check the shipping address and collect payment at that time.  


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Paraglider ANNUAL Inspection

Olivier Le Saux on 18th Jan 2019

I used this service for the first time and I have to say that it went smoothly despite my living a long distance away and I got my wing a new lease on life without too much pain - though it did cost some $ - well worth it. Communication with staff was nice.