Ozone Black Sheep Tech 2 T-Shirt Black

The new Black Sheep Technology T-shirt features an updated design with a black sheep leading the flock. BST is one of the many major technological features that we enable our gliders with.


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Black Sheep Technology, and more!


It’s not BS, it’s BST.


For some, technology is a gimmick* . For us, gimmicks are for laughs, and we take technology seriously. Some try to hide their gimmicks by giving them technical sounding acronyms**, and now we’ve decided to use some acronyms because the boss asked why we didn’t have any!


What sets us apart from our competition is a distinct lack of gimmicks. We realize that. But we’re fine with being different - it’s been that way from the beginning and we prefer it that way. In fact, 10 years ago in 1998, Ozone was founded with Black Sheep Technology. If you want more tech details, check our designer’s notes.


* Gimmick; to equip or embellish with unnecessary features, especially in order to increase saleability, acceptance, etc.


** Acronym; a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as in BS from Bull Shit.




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