All Non-Ozone Line Replacements


For all line replacements you will need to  fill out the below options.  In order for us to correctly get you a proper line replacement we will need the following information:

1.  Glider Manufacturer

2.  Glider Size

3.  Line Length

4.  Line Diameter

5.  Line Color


You can get these specs from the manufacturer or from documentation that came with your glider.  If you cannot find the proper information, you can get a line length by measuring the line yourself.  In order to get a correct length you must add approximately 3-5kg pressure to the line while measuring. We stock all Ozone line colors and diameters. If we do not have the same color as your line we will do our best to match it.  If you want the same color please specify in the notes section when you are completing your order.  If we do not have the color we will have to place an order thus causing a delay in the completion of your order. 


If you cannot correctly measure your line because it is cut in half, you can measure the same line on the opposite side of the glider.


You can also send the line to us and we can make a duplicate if needed.  If you are having hard time completing the above information this is generally the quickest way. If you would like to do this route please print out and send our repair form with the line: http://www.paragliders.com/repair/

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