Guard Dog Knightro Clubber Stun Gun Flash Light

The most durable stun gun in the world!

The Guard Dog Knightro boasts the strongest built stun gun in the world. Made with type III aluminum alloy and a ridged enforced body throughout, the Knightro can withstand impact to almost any degree imaginable. Run it over, drop it, use it to shatter glass, or for self defense purposes, the body will stay intact and is ready for immediate action. Equipped with the world famous and Guard Dog Exclusive, Concealed Inner Stun Technology™, there are no visible prongs that hinder the output of the flashlight and allows the stun gun to be disguised within the outer layer. With a swift action, the Knightro blinds any attacker with 300 lumens of pure white light. With a reach spanning further than 2 football fields, the built-in tactical flashlight switches to 5 alternate light functions: ultra bright, high, battery-efficient low, emergency flashing strobe, and S.O.S. Morse. Whether the Guard Dog Knightro is used for daily operation or by security professionals worldwide, trust a name backed by the leading tactical self-defense brand in the world.




icon  8,000,000 stun gun A vicious stun gun allows to immobilize an assailant before they act
icon  300 lumen tactical flashlight 5 tactical light functions
• Ultra bright: 300 lumens
• High: 150 lumen
• Low: 35 lumens
• Emergency Strobe: 300 lumens
• S.O.S: 300 lumens
icon  Exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology™ – No visible probes Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology ™ hides any visible prongs within the outer layer of the flashlight for practical purposes and daily use of the flashlight.
icon  Type III Aluminum, Aircraft grade body Rigid enforcement throughout the body allow for the most durable stun gun in the world
icon  Ergonomic Design Continuous ridges throughout the body for optimum durability, strength, self defense and secure handling
icon  Emergency glass breaker bezel  
icon  Safety Switch On/off safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
icon  Enhanced aluminum reflector system  
icon  Up to 100,000 hour bulb life  
icon  Rechargeable Battery  
icon  Premium Holster A premium holster is included to carry the Knightro wherever you go
icon  U.S. Patent pending  
icon  Measurements (LxD): 14" x 1.25"



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