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The Acro Base is the harness that raises whole new standards regarding  safety in paragliding. Integrating the usual under the seat rescue and a new base container on the back of the harness – for the square rescue, Acro Base is a hybrid between the acro harness and a skydiving rig. More to this is the cutaway system, that makes all your troubles go away, this meaning that in case of a malfunction, there is no possibility that the wing will get tangled with the rescue. The fresh overall look and  the funky colors are just additional perks of this amazing harness, created to comfort you in your adrenaline rush.

The basic Acro Base harness order comes with RSL System, D-bag for the square rescue and with all the handles. You can ask us or your Ava dealer for extras such as : custom embrodery, cutaway system for somke bombs, speedbar detachements, speedbar, soft links, backpack and carabiners.

Max. weight : 5.5 kg


Size Pilot's height min/max (cm) Seat-board lenght/widht (cm) Suspension point (cm) Protector
S 158-165 36/36 40 18
M 166-172 36/36 40 18
L 173-180 36/36 41 18
XL 181-189 36/38 43 18
XXL 190- 200 36/38 45



COLOR Options

Call for special color requests


Main Sections Corduara

   Red, Yellow, Grey, Beige, Royal Blue, Gold, White, Black or Light Green

Stripe Cordura

   Red, Yellow, Grey, Beige, Royal Blue, Gold, White, Black or Light Green


   Black, White or Light Green
Back Padding
     Grey, Red, Gold, Neon Green, or Black
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